Redd’s in Rozzie Could Be Returning

by Marc Hurwitz

A beloved neighborhood restaurant that closed last year could be returning, though no specific plans are in place as of yet.

Universal Hub reports (via a blog post) that Charlie Redd is hoping to reopen Redd's in Rozzie at some point, saying that "The people of Rozzie have let me know we are missed more than I ever expected. Antonio and I miss the cooking. The body is dead, but the soul is still very much alive....It will be resurrected, but not now." The post indicates that Redd's will apparently not return this year, and it is not known where the restaurant might reopen--and it definitely won't be coming back to its old space on Washington Street because a new location of Chilacates will be opening there. Once more concrete plans are in place for Redd's in Rozzie, we will post an update here.

Redd's in Rozzie closed down in July of 2018 after being in business for seven years; after its closure, Charlie Redd turned his focus to a new eatery called Dragon Pizza, which opened in the old Christo's Pizzeria space in Somerville's Davis Square in September.

The old location of Redd's in Rozzie was at 4257 Washington Street in Roslindale Village.

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