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Region to Be Sprinkled With Pockets of Rain, Snow

We are between weather systems Friday. The powerful storm that left New England Tuesday, stalled and impacted Newfoundland, Canada with hurricane force wind and actually backed toward us with bands of clouds that dimmed our little break of sunshine Thursday.

To our west we have a weak warm front moving in on Friday evening. After a frosty start in the 20s, we have some sunshine with lighter wind and highs near 40 Friday. Clouds return as the warm front approaches and trigger some pockets of light rain and snow after dinner into the first half of the overnight.


In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area.

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Total snow and rain amounts will be quite limited and predominantly in Southern and Western New England, but that bit of moisture on area roads may require some treatment with temperatures near freezing.

Clouds will be stubborn Saturday as the air in the sky over New England slowly but steadily warms ahead of an approaching storm over the Great Lakes. It is poised to deliver enough warmth for Saturday night and Sunday rain, eventually even ending as rain showers in much of Northern New England after a burst of mountain snow at the onset.

By the time the Patriots take the field at Gillette Stadium Sunday afternoon, the heaviest rain will be over with just lingering showers here and there.

There will be a break in the action until the next potential storm later Tuesday into early Wednesday, more likely to deliver a broader area of snow as colder air moves in. The rest of the 10-day looks cold, leading to another potential storm by late next weekend.

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