Got Snow Fatigue? Relentless Season Leaves Some Feeling ‘It's Just a Lot at Once'

While the frequent snowfall is irritating for some, it translates into extra money for others, like plumbers fixing frozen pipes

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Starting the day before Halloween, an unusually early first storm of the season, snow continued to blanket Massachusetts in a series of systems, leaving plenty of people fatigued and ready for winter to end.

This month has been rough for them, and promises to stay that way.

A nor’easter hammered the city on Feb. 1, dropping several inches of snow. Another, smaller storm passed through on Sunday and more snow is expected on Tuesday -- with more coming later in the week.

Monday: Fair and chilly. Highs 25-30, wind chill teens. Overnight Monday Night: Light snow late. Lows in the teens. Tuesday: Light snow, 2-3" east, 3-5" central/west. Highs near 30.

“You live in New England,” said Quincy Addo of Worcester. “This is what you expect in New England. It’s just a lot at once.”

“I don’t like snow,” said Frank Jones, another Worcester resident. “If it wasn’t for my wife I’d be living in Georgia or Florida, right?”

While the frequent snowfall is irritating for some, it translates into extra money for others.

“We resupply the building from the back parking lot, and it’s getting pretty lean out there,” said Peter Cole, store manager at Barrows Hardware. “We’ve actually ordered another truck load.”

Places like Norwood, Massachusetts, got nearly a foot of snow on Super Bowl Sunday, more than most people anticipated, leaving plenty to clean up Monday morning.

He said shovels and rock salt are the biggest sellers.

Plumbers also said the weather is a business boon.

“I’ve been getting a lot of calls for frozen pipes with this snow and stuff,” said John Harling. “You got to keep tabs on that stuff.”

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