Repeat Drunk Driver Charged With Operating a Scooter While Intoxicated

Man charged with OUI threatened officers, civilians, charged in Brighton Municipal Court on Friday

A Chelsea, Massachusetts, man with six previous OUI convictions was charged Friday with operating an agility scooter while intoxicated.

Peter McIsaac, 53, was arraigned in Brighton Municipal Court on charges of operating under the influence, as well as making threats of death and injury to officers and the community.

State troopers came across McIsaac's red 2017 Agility scooter on Nonantum Road around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Police observed two men standing beside the scooter. According to the police report, as officers approached the vehicle, the men walked in separate directions.

The first man told troopers that McIsaac had picked him up on his scooter and that they had stopped at a liquor store. They were on their way back to McIsaac's home moments earlier when the scooter ran out of gas.

While troopers spoke to the first man, McIsaac allegedly staggered toward them and stated that he owned the scooter. Police report that his speech was slurred and that his breath smelled strongly of alcohol.

McIsaac's allegedly told police that he was "very intoxicated."

When police ran McIsaac's license, they learned it had been revoked. The officers determined that a field sobriety test could result in McIsaac falling and hurting himself, and having formed the opinion that he had been recently operating the scooter, took McIsaac into custody.

Once at the station, McIsaac allegedly consented to a breath test, which revealed a BAC of .185.

Following the breath test, McIsaac allegedly stated that he had access to firearms and would "kill 15 people," including officers, "random civilians" and children.

At some point during the night, McIsaac allegedly urinated through his holding cell, requiring the response of a HAZMAT team.

Judge Myong J. Joun ordered today that McIsaac be held without bail pending a July 14 hearing.

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