Tom Brady in Super Bowl Ad: ‘I'm Not Going Anywhere'

His cryptic social media post was actually a preview for a Super Bowl commercial for Hulu

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Pats fans can now relax.

That mysterious black and white photo that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posted this week was actually a preview for a Super Bowl commercial.

The quarterback had posted a cryptic black-and-white photo of him walking either in or out of a stadium, igniting speculation about what he was trying to say.

Brady starred in an ad for streaming service Hulu on Sunday. At the start of the commercial, it seems that the beloved quarterback is announcing his retirement or next steps as he enters free agency next month.

Well, Brady and Hulu fooled us all:

As people were still debating whether Brady was making some statement about walking away from the sport, the Patriots or something else, NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo reported earlier Sunday that the post was a tease for a Super Bowl commercial.

Fans finally got their answer Sunday and they can all take a big sigh of relief because, as Brady said, "I'm not going anywhere."

Still, the debate may live on -- he didn't specifically say if he was staying with the Patriots or simply in the NFL.

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