Rhode Island

Report: RI Police Officer Shot at Suspect Who Drove at Him

Suspect had an active assault warrant at the time of his arrest


A Cranston, Rhode Island police officer was involved in a shooting when a suspect drove a car at him during a chase, according to police.

Around 11 a.m., an 8-year veteran of the force tried to pull over a driver who was not wearing his seat belt, according to a release from Cranston police. The officer reported that the driver at first appeared to pull over, but then swerved back into the left lane and sideswiped a car before leading the officer on a chase.

After the alleged driver, Anthony T. McKinney Jr., struck a guardrail, the officer began to walk toward the car. McKinney then put the car in drive and drove straight at the officer, police said. The officer fired a round at the driver, and though the bullet went through the windshield, it did not hit McKinney, police said.

"Based on a preliminary investigation, I support the officer's actions," Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said. "Fortunately, he was not injured, and he can go home to his family tonight. The suspect unnecessarily created an extremely dangerous situation that endangered the officer’s life and the general public."

Once everything settled, Providence resident McKinney, 28, was arrested. A Rhode Island state trooper that was nearby heard the gunshots, and assisted in the arrest. McKinney had an active warrant from Providence police on an assault charge, the release said.

"Mr. McKinney has a lengthy criminal history to include narcotics-related charges and a 2011 conviction for armed robbery for which he received a 15-year sentence," the release said. "He was released from the Adult Correction Institution on Jan. 31."

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