Report: Worcester Among the Top 14 Mispronounced Places in US

If you are a visitor to or a new resident in Massachusetts, you've probably mispronounced many towns and cities.

Now a new report by Business Insider finds that Worcester is among 14 of the most frequently mispronounced place names in the United States.

Although Worcester has only two syllables in its name, residents call it "wuss-ter."

However, visitors to the area, associate the name with Worcestershire sauce, named after an English county that is pronounced the same way.

Business Insider says getting a place name right can help you fit in and get around. In some cases, it can shape elections, such as when George W. Bush mispronounced Nevada in a 2003 speech in Reno, as did Donald Trump in 2013.

Incidentally, the number one place in the country that is mispronounced is Nevada, according to Business Insider.

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