Retired Firefighter Helps Rescue Man in Deep Trench on Mass. Golf Course

The victim, a 59-year-old man, was rescued after falling 20 feet into a trench at Concord Country Club

Construction at a Concord golf course where a worker fell into a trench
NBC10 Boston

A retired firefighter put some of his old skills to use in helping to rescue a man who'd fallen into a trench at a Massachusetts golf course Tuesday.

Peter Fulton, who served as a firefighter in Concord for 35 years, was golfing Tuesday morning at Concord Country Club when he witnessed a town worker fall 20 feet into a trench during an inspection, according to the Concord Fire Department.

Fulton proceeded to call his former employer, directing them to his exact location on the golf course and saving nearly 10 minutes of arrival time in the process, fire officials said in a statement.

Fulton lowered a hose to the victim, a 59-year-old man, instructing him to tie it around his waist. Aware of the pitfalls of trench rescue, Fulton waited for current firefighters to arrive rather than attempt to rescue the man from the trench himself, fire officials said.

Using multiple ladders, the victim was pulled to safety and transported to Lahey Hospital in Burlington with injuries that aren't believed to be life-threatening, firefighters said.

"A lot went right today, resulting in the safe extrication of the victim," Concord Fire Chief Thomas Judge said in a statement. "This started with a veteran rescuer, trying to enjoy his well-earned retirement, called back to duty and not missing a beat and it ended with our rescue crews falling back on their training to ensure a safe rescue for the victim and the firefighters."

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