Retired Firefighter Saves Man Having Heart Attack at Weymouth Store

Despite being retired for a decade, a former Boston firefighter's life-saving skills are the reasons why a Massachusetts man says he's alive.

Ron Savicki, a retired firefighter of 30 years, now works part-time at Ace Hardware in Weymouth.

On June 9, he was at the store when he heard a loud crash a few aisles over.

"Right here, there was a customer laying on the ground right in this spot," said Savicki pointing to spot where he found an unconscious man who he later would know as Walter Chipman. "(I) noticed that he wasn't breathing and had no pulse."

Chipman had collapsed suddenly and gone into cardiac arrest. Savicki, who works only four days a week, was fortunately there and began doing CPR and chest compressions, a skill he learned in his decades as a firefighter.

"Just instinct. Just did what I was trained to do," said Savicki. "I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I was glad I was able to help Mr. Chipman."

Savicki continued to perform CPR until first responders arrived and revived Chipman. Without the several minutes of CPR provided by Savicki, the chances of survival for Chipman would have been minimal.

"Grateful is not enough. Somebody saves your life it's a new ballgame," said Chipman. "If he wasn't working, I don't know what would have happened — if anyone would have had the knowledge to do what he did. And I found a friend for life."

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