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Revere Beach Restaurants End Takeout Service; Delivery Service Only Option Now

NBC 5 News

An historic seaside area just north of Boston no longer has any takeout options for at least the time being.

According to a tweet from @JimMacKayOnAir of WBZ 1030, restaurants along Revere Beach Boulevard have been told to stop offering takeout, which means that they can only do delivery at this point, as Revere has seen a dramatic increase in COVID-19 positive cases over the past week from 8 to 83. A segment on WBZ mentions that the order came from the Revere Board of Health, and while an article in The Boston Herald indicates that the city "encouraged" restaurants along the beach to cease takeout, it appears that the dining spots voluntarily did so, with some switching to deliver-only while others closing down completely for now.

It is not yet known how long Revere Beach restaurants will need to stick to delivery only.

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