Revere Police Officer Accused in Covering Up Abuse of Children is Suspended

A Massachusetts police officer accused of covering up the alleged abuse of her two children by her boyfriend, has officially been suspended without pay.

Angela Halcovich, 32, a Revere Police officer, was charged Jan. 27 with two counts of aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery on a child for wantonly or recklessly allowing another person to commit assault and battery on a child.

Halcovich had filed a restraining order the week before in Chelsea District Court against her boyfriend - Revere police detective Marcos Garcia of Saugus - saying he had physically abused her 5-year-old son and made threats against her.

Prosecutors said Halcovich told investigators that she beat one of her sons with a belt and she knew that Garcia was also beating her children.

She allegedly admitted to state police that she told her sons to lie about the beatings.

Garcia, who also faces child abuse charges after he allegedly handcuffed and whipped the 5-year-old with a belt because he would not eat his dinner, resigned from the force on Feb. 2.

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