Richie’s Slush Is Returning to Everett

by Marc Hurwitz

A legendary slush shop that shut down last year is going to be opening back up again.

According to a source (Andrew MacLeod) on the Friends of Boston's Hidden Restaurants Facebook group page, Richie's Slush is reopening its Everett shop, with a Facebook post from the business saying "I cannot thank all of you enough for your patience with us on opening the 2084 Revere Beach Parkway location. We are still working out a few more kinks before opening the doors. Our goal is to open when the weather is just right, as well as to prepare the employees to be the most professional and efficient workers for our customers!" Richie's, which has been around since 1956 and whose products can be found in a number of stores, mysteriously closed its Everett shop last spring after temporarily shutting down in 2015 as well; at the time of last year's closure, a voicemail stated that it was closed for renovations and would be reopening, though it remained shuttered through 2017.

The website for Richie's Slush in Everett can be found at

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Richie's Slush in Everett Closed for Renovations; Exact Status Unknown

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