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Roaming Greenhouse in Boston Benefits Charity

At first glance you might think it’s one of the city’s many food trucks. Look closer and you’ll find that ‘Sprout’ is actually a roaming greenhouse.

Transplanted Boston, an offshoot of Cityscapes, runs this plant store on wheels.

Since June it’s been popping up across Greater Boston, selling plants on street corners from the Seaport to the South Shore.

All of the money raised through sales benefits local charities, a different beneficiary for each stop.

“Our vision at Transplanted is really to transform people’s lives through the power of plants. We really want to grow more plant lovers, but our focus is to raise funds for charities around Boston, and to get exposure for them,” Samantha Goodman explains.

Transplanted says they’ve been swamped at many stops this year, especially with visitors asking which plants might survive living in a home lacking a green thumb.

You can see scheduled stops for ‘Sprout’ online, if you’re interested in checking it out: https://bostoncityscapes.com/transplanted-roaming-greenhouse/

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