‘Insane': Boston Dunkin' Closes After Video Shows Scurrying Rodents

Workers were seen scrubbing every inch of the Dunkin' in East Boston

Rodents were seen running through a Dunkin' location in Boston in a video posted to social media, quickly prompting the doughnut and coffee shop to be closed Tuesday for cleaning.

The video (warning: explicit language) shows several small animals, which appear to be mice or rats, exploring the Dunkin' on Maverick Street in East Boston. It shocked the man who posted the video to Facebook.

"They were running around behind the counter, it was almost like it was the third shift," Peter Wild said. "There was a couple out in the common area, they were running under the tables, they were on the baker's rack which was out in the common area ... it was insane."

A city inspector sent there to investigate the video found two critical violations, and the manager decided to close it down pending a clean inspection, the Inspectional Services Department said.

While the violations didn't include live rodents, there were small flies in the dining area, soils visible on an ice machine, clothing and other debris in the alley outside and several other violations.

The windows were blacked out Tuesday night as countless people walked up to try and go inside the Dunkin' only to be turned away. Inside, workers were seen scrubbing every inch of the store.

The store will stay closed until the store is up to standards, a Dunkin' spokeswoman said in a statement that emphasized that the chain takes health safety seriously.

The franchisee of the Dunkin' location "is taking immediate steps to ensure the restaurant meets our stringent food safety and quality standards," the statement said.

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