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Rowdy the Cat Reunited with Her Owner

The four-year-old cat remained elusive inside Logan Airport for close to three weeks

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After surviving on her own for almost three weeks inside Boston's Logan International Airport, a four-year-old cat named Rowdy was finally returned to her owner.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston returned Rowdy to her owner Saturday morning after collecting her from Logan Airport on Wednesday.

"I'm relieved, I’m relieved and I feel bad, I know she’s a little afraid," said Patty Sahli, Rowdy's owner who flew from Florida yesterday to bring Rowdy home.

Rowdy was riding in cargo on her family's flight from Germany when somehow, after landing, she jumped out of her carrier and ran away.

“She always would kind of hide even in our house, she’d be behind things and watching us all," said Sahli.

Rowdy remained elusive inside Logan Airport for close to three weeks. Massport, the agency that operates Logan, said that they had staff searching for Rowdy for weeks, using cameras and safe-release traps provided by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Almost three weeks after she had been missing, Massport staff successfully lured her into a trap that contained some of her favorite treats.

“I was like oh my gosh, we really got somewhere so it was exciting," said Sahli.

"They really took the right steps to place certain items that would be familiar to Rowdy the cat, the food that she likes. They were in constant contact with the family," said Michael DeFina, a spokesman for the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Rowdy is now preparing for yet another flight, but this time she'll be headed home to Florida with her owner, kept inside carrier strapped with zip ties.

“I’m staying overnight with my sister and then we’re going to get on a flight in this carrier and it better contain her. I’ve got zip ties and everything, and we’ll go down to Florida and she’ll get to see her new home.”

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