Shelter: Abandoned Dog Left Tied to Bench in Sub-Freezing Temps

A dog was left tied to a bench in sub-freezing temperatures for nearly an hour outside of a Massachusetts animal shelter, according to shelter officials.

In a post on social media Tuesday, Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem said they found a female dog that had been tied to an outdoor bench for about 45 minutes with the temperature at a frigid 7 degrees.

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The shelter posted surveillance images of the dog's owner looking inside the shelter before abandoning the animal and the owner's vehicle.

"Maybe we'll never know the name she has always known, what she has been through, or why you didn't go to another door at our building to talk to someone instead of just leaving her tied up but she gobbled up a warm meal and is wrapped in blankets and getting warm," the shelter wrote on its Facebook page.

The shelter has since nicknamed the dog "Icelyn" and believe she is a 5-year-old Papillion-Chihuahua mix.

She’ll likely be available for adoption in a week – but the shelter isn’t taking any names and says people should just check on their website.

The shelter's Facebook post about the tragic circumstances has gone viral since it was posted on Tuesday morning.

It's unclear if a police report has been filed.

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