New Hampshire

‘So Wonderful': Baby Born at Home During Nor'easter

For a New Hampshire couple expecting their second child, Tuesday's nor'easter was the perfect storm of events.

Salem residents Chris and Lisana Alexander and their 3-year-old child were expecting to become a family of four soon, but not quite this soon -- and in this way.

"The plan was supposed to be a couple more days later actually," Chris Alexander said. "She said she was starting to feel some cramps but nothing serious."

The Alexanders said in minutes the pain went from cramps to full blown contractions.

"She went from just 'ooh ohh ooh' to 'ahhhh,'" Chris said.

That's when the soon-to-be father of two got help on the line by calling 911. The dispatcher immediately told him to check whether the baby was crowning.

"As soon as I checked, I'm like, 'Yep, this is happening now,'" Chris said.

Chris, a phlebotomist, grabbed gloves and towels after this realization.

"He knew what to do in a sense," Lisana said.

Because ready or not, their bathroom was being transformed into a delivery room, and the dispatcher guided the parents through contractions -- and the birth of their son, Logan John Alexander.

"The baby was born two minutes before the ambulance showed up," Lisana said.

Salem firefighters then helped take Lisana and Logan to Parkland Medical Center in Derry, New Hampshire, as the storm raged outside.

"Most precious moment in life," Chris said. "Not many fathers get to deliver their own baby."

"You get married, and you plan on having a family and you have all these hopes and expectations and then something like this happens and it's just -- I'm getting emotional," Lisana said. "It bonds you. I just feel like it brought us so close."

Closer after the couple says they weathered a memorable storm together.

"Overall, just that he's healthy, that's just so wonderful," Lisana said.

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