4 Arrested in Salem Beating That Left Woman Cut, Bruised, Concussed

Surveillance footage captured the father of one of the accused attackers "punching her in the face," police said

Four people have been arrested on charges connected to a large fight that left a college student beaten and bloodied in Salem, Massachusetts, this weekend, police said.

Jayda Byrne, 20, suffered a concussion, bruises and cuts and had to repair teeth that had been knocked out during the altercation.

"I remember a few people on me and I just, I didn't even know I was bleeding," the Woburn resident said.

Byrne's bother posted a photo of her on Facebook after the assault showing her bloody and bruised. It has been shared more than 400 times.

Byrne, who is a junior studying nursing at the Salem State University, said the incident stems from a huge fight involving multiple people.

"It was kind of a big brawl," Byrne said. "That's what I got involved with."

Court papers show two men and a woman are accused of attacking Byrne.

Salem police responded to a fight in progress near the Village Tavern Bar and Grill on Essex Street between Byrne and a woman named Amanda Ricko at around 1 a.m. Saturday.

However, a witness told police that a man named Xavier Negron grabbed Byrne and "assaulted her viciously" and "slammed her head into the brick pavement."

According to the police report, surveillance footage shows Negron's father, Angel Negron, assaulting Byrne as well by "punching her in the face after she was knocked to the ground by Xavier."

The video also allegedly shows Ricko attacking Byrne and another woman, who was trying to protect Byrne.

"I just don't know how anybody could put their hands on a girl," Byrne said.

But Byrne said there's a lesson in the ordeal.

"Stay in big groups," she said. "Make sure you guys are all safe and don't get too intoxicated.

It wasn't immediately clear if the suspects had attorneys who could speak to the charges.

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