Salisbury Woman Says Neighbor Shot and Buried Her Dog, Then Denied It

Emily Meattey says her dog, Zoe, got out and attacked her neighbor's duck in Salisbury, Massachusetts; the man allegedly shot Zoe to death, buried her, then denied having anything to do with it

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A woman in Salisbury, Massachusetts, wants answers after her neighbor allegedly shot and buried her dog.

Emily Meattey said it happened last week after her dog got out and attacked her neighbor's duck. Police are investigating.

Meattey said her 4-year-old daughter accidentally let the family's two dogs out near Beach Road and Dock Lane last week. After wandering into a neighbor's backyard, Grizzly came home, but her Siberian husky, Zoe, never returned. When she went looking for Zoe, she said that is when she heard a gunshot.

"I was right in front of their house when I heard the gun go off. I heard a squeal-type yelp, and that was it," Meattey said.

Meattey said at first, the homeowner denied having anything to do with it.

"That was the hardest part. We continued to look when they knew Zoe was already dead," Meattey said.

She said a few days later, she found out Zoe had attacked one of the homeowner's ducks before she was shot.

NBC10 Boston asked the homeowner for his version of what happened. He would only say, "It is under investigation." He had no comment when asked if he shot or buried the dog.

Meattey said her dog had wandered into the homeowner's yard once before and she was warned to make sure it did not happen again.

She said she understands the homeowner was acting within his rights when the shot was fired, but she said what happened after is something she will never understand.

"They just decided to take it into their own hands and bury her like she wasn't somebody's pet, like she didn't belong to anybody. And she belonged to us," Meattey said.

The Essex County District Attorney's office has been notified about the investigation. As of Tuesday afternoon, no charges had been filed.

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