Salmonella Poisoning Shuts Down 2 Boston Restaurants in Back Bay

Two Boston restaurants, both in the same Back Bay building, have been temporarily closed by city health inspectors for multiple cases of salmonella poisoning.

Eight people have reportedly become sick after eating at Back Bay Sandwich and Café Med on St. James Avenue, according to Boston Inspectional Services.

“Back Bay Sandwich is definitely one of the most popular places amongst my work crew,” said patron Corean Reynolds. “And Café Med they have a lot of options for people who just want protein so pretty popular around the office.”

The two restaurants have been inspected and told to stop operating for the time being after several violations were found.

Boston Inspectional Services released a statement explaining they suspended the health permits of both restaurants after they received notification of the salmonella cases.

They went on to say that they are working with both restaurants to "ensure compliance of all applicable codes" and that the permits are suspended until they investigate the cause of the illness. 

Documents on the city of Boston’s website show the problems include trouble with temperature and storage of food, hand washing procedures, as well as other issues.

“I think cleanliness and food preparation is a high priority,” said customer Lynnette Best. “I think it should be at the forefront of any person’s business if you’re running a food operation.”

Public health officials are now conducting tests to determine if a food product or an employee is the cause of the illness.

It’s unclear when the restaurants may be able to reopen.

NBC Boston reached out to both restaurants and is still awaiting an official statement.

“I like supporting small businesses,” said Reynolds. “I hope they can bounce back from it.”

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