Salvation Army Hit in String of Bridgewater Break-ins

A Massachusetts Salvation Army facility got the exact opposite of a donation.

The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center in Bridgewater was broken into, as was its safe. The first sign of trouble came Monday morning as workers arrived.

"It is incredibly frustrating, we are working hard to help people, the money here is used directly to help people in need," said Mark Ferreira, the administrator for business for the Salvation Army Brockton ARC. "To have someone cause property damage to break in, to take from our safe, our staff feels violated, and it is a very difficult situation."

The Salvation Army was not the only one hit. Police in Bridgewater are investigating at least five separate overnight break-ins since Monday.

"Oftentimes, crime is a product of desperation," Bridgewater Police Chief Christopher DelMonte said Thursday.

In addition to the Salvation Army, a car wash reported being broken into on Monday morning, and the King Garden Restaurant reported someone busted in overnight and stole money.

All was quiet until Wednesday, when an employee at the Dunkin' on Pleasant Street reported someone used a tire iron to smash the window in the drive-thru, climb in and steal money.

A farm supply store also reported being targeted Wednesday morning.

"There may be pre-planning involved and surveillance that is taking place, not only of the establishments themselves, but of police practices, is possible, as well," DelMonte said.

Ferreira says Salvation Army employees remain on edge.

"It is shocking how often somebody would be desperate enough to rob from a charity organization," he said. "It seemed like a lot of effort for not a lot of cash."

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