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Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass. Suing Netflix and Warner Brothers for Copyright Infringement

Satanists at the Satanic Temple's international headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, are suing Netflix and Warner Brothers after a Baphomet statue appeared in a new Netflix series called "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."

The statue, a goat-headed deity, is behind the $50 million copyright infringement and trademark violation lawsuit.

“They use the exact same children and the exact same position as we put ours,” said Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves. “To see some mega-giant like Netflix just sweep in because their production department just did a Google search and decided to take whatever they wanted, and entirely eclipsed all of that work — that’s just something we can’t stand by.”

Greaves said he's concerned that the statue will lead people who watch the show to associate the temple with evil concepts that do not accurately represent the temple's values.

“We open ourselves up to slanderous allegations being made with this monument being displayed implicitly stating that we are somehow involved in acts of cannibalism, murder or whatever else,” he said.

“We advocate for empathy and compassion, freedom and autonomy,” Greaves said.

The temple said it reached out to Netflix and Warner Brothers to have the Baphomet statue removed from the show, but never heard back.

When asked about the lawsuit, Netflix said to contact Warner Brothers, the producer of the show. Warner Brothers had no comment.

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