Snowstorm Not Yet to New England But Already Impacting Peoples' Travel Plans

A high-impact storm is expected to arrive in New England on Sunday

A significant storm headed for New England is expected to bring heavy snow to the region.

When there’s snow in the forecast, rock salt, shovels and all things winter are the hottest items at hardware stores.

“Got some oil for my snow blower,” one woman said.

“Loading up on my rock salt” said Mike Caribo.

“I’m picking up a couple extra shovels” Jim Clark said.

With the storm just hours away, business was picking up at Jerry’s Hardware on West Boylston St. in Worcester.

“Anything to do with the storm is really selling really good right now,” owner Tom Pechinis said.

Pet-safe rock salt is a popular item this year, according to Pechinis.

“People love their pets,” he said. “They don’t care if Uncle Harold falls down and breaks something, but their dog will not break nothing.”

The storm could drop up to a foot of snow in the state’s second largest city, which is why plow trucks and sanders are on standby.

“We’ve noticed a trend in the last 10 years that we’re getting much more freezing precipitation mixed in with the snow,” said Matthew Labovites with Worcester DPW.

But if you’re from New England, you’re always ready.

“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” Worcester resident Jim Clark said. “I like the four seasons.”

A parking ban goes into effect in Worcester at 10 a.m. Sunday, and the city says it does plan on enforcing it.

With warning from officials that travel will likely be a difficult time on Sunday, plenty of people decided to cut their family time short.

If you travelled for your turkey, you’ll have some company on the roads Saturday night.

A rest stop on the Massachusetts Turnpike was packed with people pumping gas, but they’re not exactly pumped about a storm in the forecast.

“It could be nuts down there,” said Gary Gruber, of Connecticut. “It’s like time to get out the snow blower for sure.”

Gruber cut his Thanksgiving weekend in Boston short in order to get back to Connecticut before the sun sets and the snow falls.

“Oh yeah, tomorrow is gonna be nasty,” he said. “I don’t think I’d want to be traveling tomorrow if you know what I’m saying.”

And Gruber isn’t alone. Ellen Driscoll and her family were headed back to New York.

“We don’t want to leave in the snow,” she said.

And Driscoll will be busy preparing for the snow once they get home, too.

“After we unpack and put the kids inside we’re going to have to go shopping,” she said.

Peter Frumkin has been busy for a different reason. The first snowfall of the season means it’s finally time to take his fishing boat out of the water.

“Everyone else got their boat away,” Frumkin, of Lincoln, said. “We’re taking her down to Shrewsbury, putting her away for the winter. Maybe we’ll bring her back out in April, May? Try March 1.”

He’s feeling optimistic about this winter, but now that his boat is out, he’s getting ready to dig out, with about 8 to 10 inches of snow expected in his area.

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