Scattered Afternoon Showers for Some

The low-pressure system that brought snow and rain on Thursday is now moving to the Canadian Maritime Provinces with our air on Friday coming in from southeastern Canada.

That means we get a mixture of clouds and sunshine, breezy and mostly dry, just a few scattered afternoon April showers.

Temperatures start the day in the 30s warming to the 40s north and 50s south, wind out of the northwest gusting past 30 mph adding an extra chill.


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Slow Warm-up Into Next Week

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High pressure gradually builds in this weekend with each day being a little brighter and a little warm.

Comcast Cares Day is tomorrow, activities should be cool early, to mild and dry with a good amount of sunshine and not too much wind.

Mostly sunny skies continue Sunday with not too much wind, morning low temperatures near 32 degrees with spotty frost, with temperatures warming into the 50s, a little cooler at the shore with the Seabreeze.

High pressure moves to our south next week allowing for temperatures to come up into the 60s, but still cooler the south and east facing coastal communities. Plenty of sunshine Monday and Tuesday.

The next weather system arrives on Wednesday with the wind coming off of the ocean it will be cooler with a chance of rain before the sun goes down. But for a change this one is all rain, no snow expected with that weather system that lasts until Thursday. If all goes according to plan next weekend should be sunny and even warmer.

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