Thunderstorms Possible in Northern New England

Although rain started Thursday for many New Englanders, emerging sun and a busy westerly breeze are both drying our communities out and warming us up — at least for all except the North Country, where showers continue.

Although southern New England should stay mostly dry through the afternoon and evening, scattered showers may grow to become thunderstorms from central New Hampshire into southern and central Maine, so residents should keep an eye to the western horizon later.

"If thunder roars, go indoors!" Hearing thunder means you’re likely close enough for lightning to pose a risk. Partial clearing overnight leads to Friday morning sun before clouds increase and rain showers with thunder returns Friday afternoon and evening.

Although the disturbance will remain transient, atmospheric energy aloft will linger into the weekend, meaning the chance of a few showers Saturday, a period of rain and showers overnight and some scattered showers with cooler air Sunday.

The air Sunday will turn so chilly that some of the higher terrain in northern New England will probably find some snow showers mixing in!

A cool start next week is still expected to give way to a summer preview, which you first saw appear on our exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast, and remains as strong as ever into today’s forecast, looking to next Wednesday through Friday.

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