Scattered Showers Later This Week to Turn Heavy

Wintry scenes continue to make an appearance across more of the nation this week, indicating the inevitable march to colder times.

Northern suburbs of Chicago snowed Tuesday morning and snow with temperatures in the teens is expected in Denver for the second consecutive day. All of this is just one day after we showed you camera views of fresh snow in Fort Kent and the Crown of Maine, live on-air from our First Alert Weather Team!

That snow wasn’t unusual – or the first. We saw a trace of snow in Caribou back on Oct. 4, but it’s an undeniable sign our season moves forward. More typical for this time of the year in New England is a late October gray and drizzle, and that exactly what we’re in now, coupled with a few splashes of sunshine and a few sprinkles and light showers.

The pattern is about to change, but not for the better at first. The energy that’s making Denver snow will move east and couple with Gulf of Mexico moisture to promote increasing showers and periods of rain.

It’s expected to begin Wednesday in a scattered form before in increases in the afternoon. Periodic rain is anticipated Halloween through Friday morning.

Wind will gradually increase from the south throughout the next couple of days, bumping temperatures into the 60s by late Wednesday for some and near 70 by Thursday. With wind gusts exceeding 35 mph, trick-or-treating will be mild and windy.

Just how wet your Halloween costume gets Thursday night will depend on the exact timing of waves of rain. It’s still a bit early to tell but the bottom line is everything will be wet, regardless of how hard the rain is falling.

Winds of change will finally blow in Friday midday, clearing the sky for Friday afternoon and launching us into a dry, bright start to the weekend. We don’t believe Sunday will be a wet day, but we can’t entirely rule out some showers popping up with cold atmospheric energy overhead.

Fall temperatures round out the exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast for most of next week.

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