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Scattered Sprinkles for Weekend Ahead of Rainy Marathon Monday

We are on the warm side of a front today with a mix of sun and clouds, highs near 70 south. It's cooler with many clouds and a few late day showers central and north. Showers will continue tonight, transitioning to snow at the Canadian border.

Our weekend features a boundary between wintry cold in southeastern Canada and summer-like warmth in the eastern United States. The tight boundary sets up right over New England tomorrow.

Before lunchtime, parts of Connecticut could be near 80 degrees while temperatures fall to near 28 degrees at the Canadian border. A 50-degree gradient in that short distance will set up for some remarkable weather changes this weekend.

On the cold side of the front, we will have dense fog with some light rain and freezing rain, transitioning to snow in the mountains. On the warm side of the front, we will have increasing clouds with temperatures cooling by evening.

Tomorrow night and Sunday we are all on the cold side of the front with dense fog likely, also light rain near the coast, to freezing rain just inland, to sleet and snow in northern New England.

Temperatures will hold in the 20s to low 30s Saturday night and Sunday with wind from the northeast gusting past 25 mph.

It's not necessarily a storm causing this, it is a very strong high-pressure system from the north pole that moves to southeastern Canada.

But we are tracking snow in the Rockies. That storm will arrive Monday with heavier precipitation changing to rain and thunderstorms during the day.

Wind eventually should come in from the south gusting past 30 mph with a high temperature in the 50s to near 60 south Monday, still in the 30s and 40s north.

There is potential for a rare, significant freezing rain event that could cause power outages Sunday and Sunday night. Localized flooding is possible on Monday.

Next week looks like a more seasonable mixture of sun and clouds with scattered April showers.

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