School Bus Crashes Into Gardner Home

No injuries reported

Massachusetts police are investigating how a school bus crashed into a house in Gardner Monday morning.

The crash happened at about 7 a.m. on Brookside Drive.

The homeowner now saying that he's looking at thousands of dollars in damages.

Area residents say icy, unsalted roads may have been to blame for the bus slipping off the road and into the house.

Fire officials said there were eight people on the bus at the time of the crash, but authorities said no injuries were reported.

Homeowner Dan Fluet wasn't inside at the time, but instead at work. He said he was surprised to get a call saying a bus crashed into his home.

Fluet said not only was there damage outside, but the inside of his home was damaged as well.

"Nobody got hurt inside or outside, which is fortunate," said Fluet.

NBC10 Boston's Sky Ranger captured the bus being removed from the scene. There was visible damage to one corner of the house, a fence, and a vehicle.

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