Shots Fired During Road Rage Incident in Canton, Massachusetts

Police said there is not believed to be any present danger to the public

Police in Canton, Massachusetts are investigating after shots were fired during an apparent road rage incident in town Friday.

Neighbors say this is usually a very quiet neighborhood, but it wasn't quiet Friday afternoon.

Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz said his department received a 911 call shortly before noon from a caller who said she saw a male with a gun get out of a white SUV near the intersection of York and Randolph streets and fire several rounds into a black sedan. When police arrived, they found ballistic evidence confirming that a shooting had occurred, but both vehicles had already fled the scene.

Police characterized the case as a "road rage incident" and said there is not believed to be any danger to the public.

"I'm just coming out of my driveway and walked right into it," said the witness who did not want to show her face on camera. "I heard about five, six gun shots and I got scared still not knowing if it was gun shots or not so we just left."

The eyewitness says she saw the shooter.

"I am scared mostly because of how close I came to it. It's just scary. I'm not really a person that's searching for this stuff especially here but this definitely taught me to keep my eyes open," she said."

As a precaution, the school resource officer assigned to the nearby Blue Hill Regional School put the school in lockdown for about 10 minutes as the investigation was conducted.

Police said they are still in the process of investigating the evidence they recovered at the scene and canvassing the neighborhood.

No arrests have been made, but police believe there was one shooter and one gun involved in the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call Canton police at 781-828-1212.

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