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Scituate Braces for Next High Tide

Scituate, Massachusetts, has made it through the first of three high tides. But the worst is not over.

Scituate Town Administrator Jim Boudreau briefed the media at 7:00 p.m. and the news was bleak.

"At 5:00 p.m. we had 500-600 homes without power. As of right now, effectively one hundred percent of the homes and businesses in Scituate are without power. That's over 8,100 homes and businesses," Boudreau said.

Boudreau urged town residents to stay in their homes.

"Not safe for people to be on the road in Scituate right now. You need to stay home. You need to stay off the roads," he cautioned.

Boudreau added that restoration of power will not take place until the winds die down.

"Trees down, wires down, branches flying, wires going everywhere," Boudreau said.

In Scituate, there are no wimps when it comes to a coastal storm.

"You don’t have control over it, so don’t be stressed," said resident Patrick Kearney.

Mother Nature will do what she pleases, but people who usually stick out the storm have decided to high tail it out because of 10-foot waves, three high tides, and gusts of wind that can reach up to 70 miles per hour.

"Tonight's tide will be the worst so please don’t go back to your home and think its going to be alright," said Scituate Fire Chief John Murphy.

The fire department is saying they can come help people evacuate if they need help, but to be in a flood-prone area during this high tide could be very dangerous.

"Let Mother Nature do its thing, stay positive and fix everything after," said Patrick Kearney.

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