Scorching, Humid Air May Make Tonight Uncomfortable

After days of heat with limited humidity, humid air is quickly returning to New England.

Friday is a sticky day for Cape Cod and the South Coast of Rhode Island and Connecticut, where dewpoint temperatures have risen to or over 70 degrees. This indicates that a downright tropical air has arrived. That new air won’t stop at the South Coast.

By Friday evening, our First Alert weather team expects tropical air with sultry humidity to be in place for most of southern New England, with a southerly wind transporting that air northward through Friday night. It's not enough to cause showers or thunderstorms yet, but it is sufficient to make Friday night the first uncomfortable night for sleeping in a while.

Saturday likely will dawn with clouds and patchy fog near south-facing coasts from the humid air and cooler ocean water. Then, a slowly southward moving cold front enters New England from Canada Saturday morning onward. This will prompt scattered thunderstorms in the North Country from late morning onward, and in Central to Southern New England from mid-afternoon to evening, respectively.

Our team continues a First Alert for Saturday for the impact of torrential rain, cloud-to-ground lightning and locally gusty, damaging wind in stronger storms. With an evening arrival to southern New England, many of us will see the bulk of the day enjoyable for outdoor plans. Then we’ll keep an eye to the northwestern sky.

New, refreshing air arrives Sunday and stays into early next week, eliminating any chance for showers and thunder and making for a dazzling couple of days. Slowly but surely, heat rebuilds for the middle and end of next week, eventually followed by humidity at week’s end that once again raises the chance for showers and thunder in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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