Harmony Montgomery

Police Pursuing 300 Leads in Search for Harmony Montgomery

Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, last saw her daughter on Easter in 2019

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Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, are following up on around 300 leads they’ve received in the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery.

And the reward is now over $100,000.

Police are in the third week of trying to find her, but they cannot account for the Harmony's whereabouts since 2019.

Police responded to the house where harmony lived with her father, Adam, 13 times from from June to November 2019. The calls ranged from a loose dog, to a neighbor worried about a young child. It is not clear if that child was Harmony.

Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, last saw her daughter on Easter in 2019.

Newly released emails show the girl’s mother begging city officials for help in late December, saying Harmony, who was living with her father, was not enrolled in school and was missing important doctor’s appointments.

"This is a nightmare, legit nightmare," Harmony's great uncle, Kevin Montgomery, told NBC10 Boston. "I never thought would be sitting here over the last couple of weeks talking about this."

Harmony’s father and stepmother are both in jail on charges relating to the investigation, but they are not charged in connection to the child’s disappearance.

Sorey lost legal custody of the girl in 2018 as she struggled with substance abuse issues. She has said that Harmony's father, who had legal custody and was living in Manchester at the time, blocked all contact.

She noted that there is a state Division of Children, Youth and Families case but claimed they had done “nothing” to help her get answers.

Authorities in Manchester, New Hampshire are working on more than 300 leads into the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery.

Gov. Chris Sununu was asked about the case at a news conference Wednesday, including the state's response.

"Any time there is a critical case of a child, regardless of who that child is or the time, we always do an internal review, and I've instructed DCYF to do already start that process, to understand if information was ever not transmitted or DCYF didn't respond to something," Sununu said.

He added that he feels "very confident that DCYF has done I think a good job of staying on top of the case, a good job of transmitting information that they can transmit, of working with the city of Manchester all the way back to November."

The disappearance of Harmony Montgomery, who was not reported missing for two years, remains under investigation.
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