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FBI Now Involved in David Ortiz Shooting Investigation

Dominican officials are still looking for Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, who they said was part of the murder plot of Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

It’s now been almost a week since Ortiz was shot in the back in the Dominican Republic, and the motive still remains a mystery.

Ten suspects are in custody, implicated in the murder plot against Ortiz.

Wearing bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets, Jose Eduardo Ciprian, Carlos Rafael Alvares, Lanny Estephanie Perez, Rolfi Ferreyra Cruz, Joel Rodriguez de la Cruz, Porfirio Ayendi Vasquez, Reynaldo Rodriguez Valenzuela, Oliver Moises Mirabal, Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia and Alexander Perez Vizcaino showed up at court Friday where they were ordered to remain in prison while the investigation continues.

The alleged shooter, who admitted to Dominican authorities he fired the shot, told reporters Ortiz wasn’t the intended target.

The investigation has revealed that after firing, Ferreyra Cruz ran inside a nearby home where he told them he had been robbed and that he had disarmed the assailants. He asked the owner of the house to order him a taxi, and that’s how he escaped.

“I know that the FBI is somewhat involved in the investigation,” Rep. Adriano Espaillat, D-New York said on Friday.

Espaillat, a native of the Dominican Republic, said that because Ortiz is an American national, the U.S. is asisting in the investigation.

"I would hope that they get to the bottom and we find the intellectual actors of this horrible crime," he said.

While investigators work on finding a motive and the person who ordered the murder plot, Big Papi remains in intensive care at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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