Searching For Summer

Life is hard.

And getting a jump start to summer can be too.

Mother's Nature is "in a way". Seems bent on making us pay for that early spring warmth. And as we head into June, no one wants to be talking about 50 degree weather.

But we are. Two straight days of it. Veggies are struggling in the garden, flowers are happy, but muted against a gray sky. About the only thing thriving are trees and lawns - a far cry from the parched landscape last year.

While there are more showers in the forecast in the coming days, they won't hit everyone. And thankfully the sun will be making a cameo tomorrow, with a strong showing coming up for Thursday.

With the sun poking out tomorrow and a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere, there's a threat for some strong - and possibly severe - storms. They'll be approaching from the west as we head into late afternoon and evening. Mercifully, a change in the wind direction will boost us into the upper 60s to low 70s, but that same wind direction (southeast) will also act to weaken the storms as they approach from Greater Worcester in the evening. If you're west of I-495, beware of threatening skies and the possibility of hail or gusty winds.

Thursday's the pick of the week before we see another threat for a few isolated storms on Friday.

Long range, it's the same old ugly setup for Sunday afternoon and Monday: highs near 50 and another rain event. We are hopeful that a shakeup in the jet stream will bring in a change by the second week in June.

Fingers and toes are crossed.

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