Police: 4 Home Intruders Caught by Security System

Four suspects have been apprehended in connection with a home invasion in Wareham, Massachusetts

Four suspects have been apprehended in a connection with a break in at a private residence in Massachusetts on Sunday.

Wareham police say Alan Tieu, 23, of Fall River; Keylin Hall, 24, of Dorchester; Toan Nguyen, 25, of Dorchester; and Yolanda Grausuck, 28, of Dorchester are accused of breaking and entering, among other charges.

Early Sunday morning, the owner of the home in question contacted police to report that the home security system had detected unknown people inside the house. No residents of the house were at home at the time of the incident.

The suspects allegedly attempted to run away when police arrived by jumping out a rear window. Police apprehended all four suspects shortly after arriving on the scene.

It's unclear if any of the accused have attorneys.

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