See How Boston Rents Compare By Town

Boston Pads, an online technology platform for real estate, published a series of infographics showing the average rent prices in 22 of the most sought after neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area.

The site mapped its results in the interactive map that you can see below. Hover your cursor over the map to see the average rent prices in different neighborhoods.

Numbers are based on more than 8,800 apartments – with the exclusion of apartments that reside in luxury buildings – rented in the last 12 months or currently available.

According to the study, the average rental prices of areas near downtown Boston are the highest. Specifically, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End, Symphony, Fenway, and South End have the highest rents for non-luxury apartment buildings.

1-Bedroom Apartments: Top Five Most Expensive Towns (Average)

  1. Back Bay $2,444
  2. Beacon Hill $2,433
  3. South End $2,362
  4. Symphony $2,356
  5. Fenway $2,324

Ultimately, if you plan to live in one of the neighborhoods near downtown or one of the closer suburbs to downtown Boston, you can expect to spend over $2,000 for a 1 bedroom and above $2,700 for a two bedroom. For those on a budget, the best options close to the city to find an apartment in their price range are Quincy, Dorchester and Malden.

You can find more from Boston Pads’s report here.

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