Selectman Cites Public Safety in Criticism of West Boylston Police Cruisers

The town of West Boylston, Massachusetts, is known for its quaint New England charm. Now, a name controversy is brewing there.

The town's cruisers are marked "police" on the doors, and on some other parts of the car. But you really have to look closely to see the tiny seals on both sides of the vehicle that actually say "West Boylston."

Selectman Raj Rajeshkumar brought this up at the last town meeting after some of his constituents thought it was a public safety concern.

"It's potentially police impersonation kind of thing," he said. "And to identify them in case you need to report them for any reason."

Rajeshkumar was unavailable for comment. NBC10 Boston asked town administrator Anita Scheipers what was going on.

"The markings that were developed were pretty much chosen as a group effort about 17 years ago," said Scheipers.

But no one there seemed to know why. For more clarity, Scheipers said to reach out to the police department.

However, Chief Dennis Minnich was also unavailable for comment.

His statement reads, in part, "Our vehicles are currently state of the art vehicles that each and every resident and police officer can be proud of. I have never received a complaint from anyone that our vehicles were not marked correctly or were unidentifiable."

Around the community, the name "West Boylston" is proudly displayed on fire trucks, town hall and some storefronts. After all this, it may once again be on the police cars.

"If they have specific concepts or ideas they would like considered, let us know about that," said Scheipers.

Town leaders say if residents have suggestions about the cruiser's design, they can show up to the next selectmen's meeting on Jan. 2 and speak up.

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