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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Dodges Question About Sen. Al Franken Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Massachusetts State Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to have dodged a question on whether her colleague, Al Franken, should resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

During an appearance on Tuesday night's "The Late Show", host Stephen Colbert asked Warren if she thought Franken should step down.

Warren said she was "enormously disappointed."

"I knew Senator Franken long before he was Senator Franken, and his wife, Franny. These allegations are serious, and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Al is going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate and he’s going to go in and answer," Warren said.

Last Friday, NBC Boston's Caroline Connolly also asked Warren to weigh in on Franken and could not get a yes or no from her.

"Al will be investigated by the Senate and we'll see what recommendations the Senate wants," Warren said Friday.

When asked if Franken should resign, Warren just answered, "there's an investigation."

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