Senator Proposes Bill to Add More Tolls Around Boston to Close Transit Spending Gap

A Massachusetts Senator is proposing a plan to close a billion-dollar gap in the state's transit spending by adding tolls around greater Boston.

According to the Boston Herald, Sen. Thomas McGee wants to "implement a comprehensive system of tolling and travel on and within the metropolitan highway system" by the end of next year.

McGee's plan would include Interstate 93 heading through Boston, Interstate 95 circling Boston, Route 1 south of I-95, and Route 2 between Alewife and I-95.

Drivers headed to the North Shore and Metrowest already pay daily tolls.

McGee told the Boston Herald that the tolls would not only fill the transit budget gap but would be used for road and bridge maintenance, and the MBTA, commuter rail and ferry service.

There are no exact toll figures in mind but currently, drivers with an E-ZPass pay 50 cents going through the Allston tolls, $1.25 to go over the Tobin Bridge and $1.50 to go through the Sumner, Callahan and Ted Williams tunnels.

"In many ways we are paying our own tax and not seeing the benefits, we need to be fair and equitable about how we toll," McGee told the Herald.

Rep. David DeCoste, a South Shore Republican, told the paper if more tolls are installed, they will be there forever.

"This is not going to stop there, and once they’re installed they’ll be there forever, and there’ll be regular increases," DeCoste told the Herald.

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