Separate Storm Systems to Bring Wintry Mixes to Region

Not a huge system with major snowfall, but our Tuesday disturbance will bring some light accumulation during the morning drive.

There is a lot of dry air in place across southeastern New England, so some of the snowflakes may not reach the ground until around dawn. There is enough precipitation forecast in the models that a light coating of snow may slick up the roads around Boston just after sunrise.

There is a brief chance for light snow and a glaze of ice from freezing drizzle across higher terrain northwest of Boston. Then the temperatures increase to the mid-30s by late morning, flipping the snow to a mix, then to rain.

Spotty rain showers linger across southern New England Tuesday afternoon and evening with temperatures in the low 40s.

TIMELINE: Hour-by-Hour Look at Tuesday, Wednesday Storms

Northern New England will get a thump of snow Tuesday morning, then the freezing line approaches southern Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as coastal Maine. Light rain showers continue in the evening, making it a messy Tuesday. Colder air returns for the overnight hours, and then another low tracks across New England wrapping in some colder air across northern New England, switching back to snow by Wednesday morning.

Southern New England will see another light wintry mix across Boston Wednesday morning. Then flipping to rain as temperatures warm into the 40s again. This system moves offshore by afternoon.

Snowfall through Wednesday will be around a coating to 1 inch from Boston to Worcester County (quickly melting), 1-2 inches across the Berkshires to southern New Hampshire, 3-6 inches across the Green and White Mountains, 6-9 inches or more through northern New Hampshire to the crown of Maine.

Mountain snow remains in the forecast through the end of the week. Southern New England dries off Thursday and Friday, but a Canadian high builds and will position itself to our west. Arctic air spills south into New England and highs will only be in the low 20s by Friday.

We have a cold start to the weekend with highs remaining in the 20s both days. Forecast models are picking up on a coastal storm by Sunday. This could bring decent snowfall to the northeast, and possibly the first inch of snow to Boston for this season! Stay tuned!

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