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Seth Moulton Talks Trump, Health Care and Uniting Nation at ‘Politics & Eggs' Event

The 40-year-old Democrat announced on Monday his presidential ambitions

Newly announced 2020 presidential contender Seth Moulton addressed national security, health care and President Donald Trump on Wednesday at his "Politics & Eggs" appearance in New Hampshire.

Moulton, who announced his presidential ambitions on Monday, called for accessible health care for all, education reform and recalled his service when he was deployed in Iraq.

"I am going to confront President Trump on these issues of safety and security, of leadership around the globe, where I think he’s weakest," Moulton said. "And that is how we will beat Donald Trump and unite the country again and that is how will stand up for our values."

Moulton said he aims to help the country be united.

"We live in terribly divisive times in this country. We’ve got to remember that we’re all in this together. We’ve got to believe in our country so much that we’re ready to serve it, to get behind a common mission."

In discussing health care, the 40-year-old Iraq War veteran said Medicare users should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices. Moulton said that as someone who uses veteran health care, he is grateful he is able to negotiate prescription drug prices and would like that ability to be extended for all.

Moulton also discussed his decision last year to vote for impeachment proceedings.

"The reason is that even last year, there was ample evidence that the president and his associates have committed crimes," he said, "I mean, look, the Mueller report, through this investigation, has already indicted over 30 of the president’s closest associates and friends. His campaign chairman is in prison right now while we’re eating breakfast. So don’t tell me that there’s not enough to discuss about impeachment."

The Salem, Massachusetts native is currently serving his third term representing Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District. He has been an outspoken critic of Trump and said in his Monday announcement that he is running because "we have to beat" Trump.

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