Setti Warren: Announcement on Gov. Run ‘Coming Soon'

“An announcement is coming soon,” Setti said

On the eve of what he promises will be a “big announcement” at a block party at his home, Newton Mayor Setti Warren sat down exclusively with NBC's Phil Lipof to discuss his vision for the Bay State.

“An announcement is coming soon,” Setti said, with a smile on his face. “I’m going to be laying out my vision for how we need to deal with this issue of income equality.”

He said that will be one of the main focuses of his campaign. He also wants to make college and health care affordable.

Setti said unemployment is low in Massachusetts compared to the national average, but said, “people are working two jobs just to make ends meet.” He wants to close the gap.

The two-term mayor lives in Newton with his wife, Tassy, and their two children. He is an Iraq war veteran.

While Setti wouldn’t officially confirm a run, he did give an exclusive look at a first “campaign ad.” It focuses on his family’s service to the United States. His father and grandfather also served in the military. Setti also worked in the Clinton White House for five years.

The mayor knows it will be an uphill battle against a very popular Governor Baker but, he said, he’s more than up for it.

We asked governor Baker about a potential Warren run today. He told us, “it’s always a very personal decision.”

For now, he said, “I’m focused on running the state."

After tomorrow, it seems, he might have to focus on the upcoming campaign, too.

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