Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale Is Closing Indefinitely

An Asian street food spot that has been a favorite among locals and restaurant industry folks alike is shutting down.

According to a Facebook post from the place, Seven Star Street Bistro in Roslindale is closing "indefinitely," with the note saying that "We are hoping to have a couple weekends of service for Seven Star and Rozzie Ramen two popups within the restaurant. So we can wish our faithfuls a personal goodbye, and get them a last fix of Seven Star....I can walk away knowing I left it all on the cutting board. Excited for our next adventure, continuing my personal adventure, and continuing to make great food! Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you all granted this once in a lifetime opportunity!" It is not yet known what chef/owner Christopher Lin has planned next, nor is it known what might happen to the Seven Star space, so stay tuned.

Seven Star Street Bistro first opened in 2011, offering inventive takes on Chinese food and other Asian fare in a casual atmosphere. The eatery--combined with the Seven Star and Rozzie Ramen popups--has received much praise over the years, including listing it among the "best of the new" in 2011. The place is also known as the first restaurant in Boston to get a BYOB license, according to Universal Hub.

The address for Seven Star Street Bistro is 153 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale, MA, 02131.

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