Cape Cod

Shark Sightings Keep Vacationers Out of Cape Cod Waters During Extreme Heat

It'll be a hot weekend all over. On Cape Cod, the water is the place to stay cool -- as long as you're willing to swim with the sharks.

Light House Beach in Chatham is a popular spot for vacationers. They're greeted with a sign warning them about sharks. It's enough to keep many of them from venturing too far from shore.

"I won't be out there swimming over my head at all," said one swimmer.

"There are sharks out there, probably," one man said. "But I haven't been overly concerned about them."

A lot of the recent shark sighting have been on the lower Cape, and last year's fatal attack occurred in Wellfleet. The thought of sharks in the water has spooked people up and down the Cape.

"It certainly scares you a bit. You kind of take a look at the crowd and you go as far as the rest of the crowd is going. So in a way, it's gang mentality," another beachgoer said.

Numerous efforts are underway to try and make swimmers safer. So far, there doesn't seem to be a consensus.

All the same, with this weekend's scorching temps, there will be plenty of people in the water.

"There's no reason not to come here and enjoy this crazy place," one woman said. "It's beautiful."

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