Cape Cod

Shark Sightings Pile Up Off Coast of Cape Cod This Weekend

Shark sightings have become more and more common off of Cape Cod in recent summers

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

More than 15 confirmed shark sightings have been reported off the coast of Cape Cod this weekend.

The majority of the 13 sightings on Saturday that were confirmed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy were along the Outer Cape near North Beach Island and Monomoy Island in Chatham. In addition, one shark was spotted off the coast of Provincetown.

Three sharks were confirmed to be a little too close for comfort from the shore line in Chatham, just 30 yards out, according to the conservancy. Several more were said to be about 100 yards off the coast.

The shark off the coast of Provincetown, a baby great white, was spotted during a whale watch.

On Sunday, the conservancy confirmed five more shark sightings, including three at Nauset Beach, which was closed to swimming after a shark was observed roughly 75 yards offshore around 2:20 p.m. Another shark was only about 50 yards away from shore.

The other two sharks were observed off of North Beach Island in Chatham and just south of Chatham South Inlet near Monomoy Island.

Shark sightings have become more and more common in the waters off the Cape in recent summers as water temperatures rise in the northeast. Most sightings have occurred along the Outer Cape, from Chatham and up the shoreline along Nauset Beach and north towards Provincetown.

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