Sharon Police Seek Halloween Candy Thief

A masked person was caught on camera stealing candy from multiple people on Halloween night in Sharon, Massachusetts, police say

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Police in Sharon, Massachusetts, are looking for a person they say stole from multiple residents on Halloween night.

He was dressed all in black with a black mask.

In the video, he rings the doorbell, and when no one comes to the door, he knocks and firmly says "trick or treat."

The homeowner eventually comes to the door.

She asks him where he's going to put the candy, because he has no bag.

"Oh, no, I just put it in my pockets," he says.

That's when she brings out the candy bowl. He forcibly grabs it and runs away.

"I got really nervous being at the door even with him. He was just acting very peculiar," said Sheryl Lampert, who says he also came to her house.

"He was the absolute first trick or treater that came, so I was a little spooked by him because I didn't recognize him or anything," she said. "He took one candy, then another, and then another, and I said, 'Excuse me, you're welcome to the three, but then we need to leave some for everybody else.'"

The second time, she says he took the whole bowl.

"Then my husband came out and said, 'Sheryl, did you take the bowl in?' I looked at him and said, 'What are you talking about?' It was gone," said Lampert.

Another neighbor shared a video of the person at her house.

Her little girl answered the door all by herself. This time, he only took one candy and left.

This happened in serval neighborhoods in Sharon.

Another resident says he ripped the bowl of candy out of her hand and ran away.

Anyone with any information about the person's identity is asked to call the Sharon Police Department at 781-784-1587.

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