Should Oprah Winfrey Run for President?

This is not the first time Oprah Winfrey's name has surfaced as a possible presidential candidate. But this time, the notion has gone viral, and some feel the time is right.

Her Golden Globes speech was barely over before the buzz over began calling for Winfrey to be a presidential candidate in 2020. One man suggested Winfrey would "fly right into the White House."

A young African American woman argued that Winfrey is "popular, everybody loves her, every housewife in America will vote for her. Every black person in America will vote for her. She's Oprah."

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighed in on the speech.

"She makes her points powerfully," Warren said. "I'm glad her voice is leading us in America."

Carol Fulp, president of The Partnership, created Massachusetts Women for Obama in 2008 and met Winfrey while working on the campaign. She called the speech moving, powerful and a lesson no one will forget.

But Fulp thinks it is time for a new, younger generation of leadership, and that Winfrey isn't interested in the job.

"While she may not be the candidate, she is going to help that candidate win, just like she helped that candidate win in 2008," Fulp said.

Winfrey has publicly said in the past she's not interested in being president. But since the speech, her longtime companion Stedman Graham was quoted as saying, "It's up to the people, she would absolutely do it."

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