Showers Expected to Return During Holiday Commute

New air dry enough to keep the rain away has arrived for the start of the week here in New England and while sun will battle with clouds off and on Monday, temperatures are responding to the combination of sun and a west wind by rising to around 50 degrees.

After Monday night, low temperatures in the 30s, a strengthening southwest wind Tuesday with sun and clouds will push temperatures to between 55 and 60 for southern New England and near 50 north.

Our next disturbance is approaching from the southwest at midweek. This is after it drops snow on Denver and rain on Chicago, Cincinnati and Cleveland through the Gulf Coast, as well as most of the Eastern third of the nation Wednesday.

By the time showers arrive to New England Wednesday afternoon and evening, they won’t drop a lot of rain, but the timing is inconvenient -- during Wednesday late day and evening, when so many are on the roads for the holiday.

The combination of water and traffic seems sure to slow the roll across the region and enough cold air will likely come into play for some snow to fly in the North Country. Even southern New England will turn cool, breezy and dry for Thanksgiving Day while northern mountains will still find bursts of snow coming and going.

Friday and Saturday, a crisp, dry air takes hold regionwide, holding temperatures to the 30s for most, setting the stage for our next storm Sunday or Sunday into Monday to fall as cold rain and snow. The placement of a rain/snow line to be determined.

Another shot of cool air arrives for the middle of next week, with high temperatures likely back into the upper 30s.

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