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Showers Possibly Lingering, Excessive Heat This Weekend

Most of the thunderstorm action from Wednesday has dissipated. However, we are not done with the downpours.

The storms that left thousands without electricity and plenty of flash flooding have moved to the east. The dynamic generating the storms, the remnant of Hurricane Barry, and a front from Canada continue to have an impact, though.

The center of what once was Barry is now in the Gulf of Maine and it’s acting to pull cooler and drier air into Maine, northern New Hampshire, and northern Vermont, where we’re having a nice day with sunshine, low humidity, and high temperatures near 80 degrees.

However, the front trailing behind it has stalled from Connecticut to Cape Cod, where showers and downpours, perhaps some thunder, are ongoing. It will keep the day on the gray and damp side. Technically it’s a back-door cold front. That’s when cooler air moves in from the northeast towards the southwest.

How much cooler? In Boston, for example, we made the low 90s on Wednesday. Now, we may see temperatures fall into the 60s by lunchtime on Thursday.

Also, we have low clouds, fog and drizzle from Connecticut to Cape Cod along with the showers and very high humidity left over in southern New England.

That whole boundary will lift back towards the north and east Thursday night and Friday. That will allow the floodgates to open for the hottest weather of 2019 to move in later tomorrow and especially over the weekend.

The northern edge of this heat may linger near northern New England, so we have to keep the chance for a shower and a thunderstorm in the forecast each afternoon. But for most of us, it’s just going to be miserably hot and humid this weekend.

Temperatures by late Friday get to 90 degrees. And then, high temperature on Saturday will get close to 100 degrees. On Sunday, we may cool back to the lower mid-90s, but the dewpoint level may rise from the 70s Saturday to near 80 degrees on Sunday. It’s going to be as humid as it gets here.

At the beaches, any fog or low clouds should burn off. I would say that the Maine seacoast would be the most pleasant place to be, other than the mountain tops, for this weekend.

The next cold front probably works from north to south Sunday and Monday, along with heavier thunderstorms and temperatures still near 90 degrees Monday. Then, expect more seasonable weather with temperatures back to the 80s for the middle and second half of next week.

Stay tuned to the latest in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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