These Boston-Area Cocktails Are Dazzling and Delicious

These cocktails served at Boston-area spots are pleasing to the eye and taste buds.

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Virgin Galactic
The Vida Margarita from Rail Stop, located in Boston, has Mezcal Vida, orange cordial, cucumber, lime, lemon, and grenadine.
Rob Michaelson
The strawberry rose sangria from Tavern in the Square, which has multiple locations in the Boston area, is made of rose, strawberry rum, St. Germain liqueur, simple syrup, lemon, cranberry, soda float, and fresh strawberries.
Rob Michaelson
The Legend of Kontiki from Tiger Mama, located in Boston, is made out of brown butter washed aquavit, pisco, chicha morada, coconut, banana, passion fruit, lemon, and makrut lime.
Zac Wolf Photography
The large "Two-Player" glassware from A4cade, located in Cambridge, can hold drinks such as their Princess Peach’s Downfall with rum, peach, pineapple, mint, and citrus.
The Watermelon Bomber from Double Chin, located in Boston's Chinatown, is made out of watermelon, soju and lychee.
The Broken Heart from Lolita, which has two different locations in the Boston area., has raspberry, grape, blanco tequila and the house orange liqueur.
Art Science Culture Lab & Café
The Titi Monkey from the Art Science Culture Lab & Café in Cambridge, has egg white, matcha, pisco, sandalwood, orange peel, lemon, and sugarcane.
Emily Hagen
The Whiskey Smash from Eastern Standard in Boston has bourbon, syrup, mint leaves, and lemon.
The Beastie Boys from Our Fathers, located in Allston, is made out of dry gin, watermelon, basil, and lemon.
The Gallows
The Eye of the Thai-Grrr from The Gallows, located in Boston, is made out of house-infused Meyer lemon tequila, thai chili agave, lemon, and cava.
Emily Hagen
The Phil Collins from The Hawthorne, located in Boston, has cucumber vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, yellow chartreuse, and cranberry bitters.
The blackberry margarita from Citrus & Salt, located in Boston, has tequila, orange liqueur, lime, agave, and a citrus-salt rim.
Ward 8 Restaurant & Bar
The Ward 8 from Ward 8 Restaurant & Bar, located in Boston, has rye whiskey, house-made grenadine, orange and lemon juice.
Met Back Bay
The Going To California from Met Back Bay, located in Boston is made out of rose vodka, lemon, blossom bitters, and grapes.
The Mo cocktail from Franklin Café, located in Boston, is the cocktail in the center, made out of vodka, raspberry liqueur, and fresh squeezed lemon.
The Dollywood by Brick & Mortar, located in Cambridge, has bourbon, orgeat, lemon, and orange.
jm Curley
The 50 Shades of Ray from jm Curley, located in Boston, has tequila, lemon, lime, blanc vermouth, agave, and a house made vanilla infused black volcanic sea salt.
Wolcott Police
The Ideal Manhattan from Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar, located in Boston, is made out of Maker's Mark, elderflower liqueur, cinzano, and grapefruit bitters
Courtesy Orion Span
The Vieux Carre from Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale, located in Boston, has whiskey, cognac, vermouth, and bitters.
The Model-T from Backbar, located in Somerville, has bourbon, vermouth, yellow chartreuse, and bitters.
Union Street
The two Swizzle Pitchers from Union Street, located in Newton, can be shared with large parties. The left is called the Fuzzy Mirage Swizzle, made out of Stoli Raspberry, Stoli Blueberry, Midori, malibu peach, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. The right, called the Running Swizzle, has white rum, pineapple, blood orange, bitters, and rum.
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